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Raised and based in Miami, FL  Jae Narvaez professionally known as "OasisJae" was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.  This self-taught #MiamiLurker brings life to any landscape and collaboration by way of his unparalleled lens.  Driven by his artistic mission of quality images, creative composition, and sharp processing, Jae's colorful and energetic imagery captivates with every shot.  It is his consistent content and storytelling feed that lead him to be named Miami New Times Best Instagram.
Although Jae primarily identifies himself as a photographer, Instagram has been key in growing his career and sharing his unique vision as an influencer. Whether he is at home lurkin the streets of Miami or off exploring the world, OasisJae magically combines his talent in photography with his passion for sunrises, sunsets, travel and sports in the most authentic way imaginable.

'Dylan, Dylan, Dylan ... Spits hot fire.'


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